Welcome to ITS

What sets us apart?

Our programs are 100% guaranteed.

  • If you don’t get the results you want while following our plan, I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

We are your COMPLETE solution.

  • Most folks who are unsuccessful in their fat-loss journey get their workouts from a supposed “guru” at the gym, get their diet off the internet and take the supplements that were recommended to them by the guy at GNC.  Does this sound like you?  
    • At I.T.S. all areas of fat-loss will be addressed and actions steps will be implemented to ensure your success in your unique situation.  Nowhere else can you get 100%, 24 hour access to a coach, nutrition coaching, short, fat shredding workouts and the accountability that we will provide to you.

Extensive Assessments

  •  We WILL help you reach your fitness goals!!  The journey starts with assessing where you currently are.  Assessments include:
    • body fat analysis
    • circumference measurements
    • bodyweight
    • injury history
    • health history
    • training (workout) history
    • nutrition history
    • ongoing physical assessments for important areas/joints (aka observing your movement and adjusting training accordingly)
      • core stability
      • shoulder mobility/flexibility
      • shoulder stability
      • hip mobility/flexibility
      • hamstring flexibility

Joint-friendly workouts

  • We pay special attention to the effect that each exercise has on all joints involved.  You can’t train if you are not healthy!!  For this reason EVERY exercise we use at our facility has progressions (level up) and regressions (level down).  Don’t like box jumps?  Neither do half of our clients!  You can do step-ups instead.  Does it hurt to press overhead?  We have an alternative for that!  

Each workout is 35 minutes long and includes:

  • warmup

    • flexibility throughout the hips, hamstrings and shoulder
    • core stability (primarily abs and low back)
    • shoulder stability
    • foam rolling – self massage method that helps promote flexibility as well as recovery/regeneration
  • workout

    • strength-based movements
    • metabolic movements
  • cool-down (optional)

    • static stretching
    • foam rolling

I want to get LEAN!!