The story of the $1.00 bet…

Did you ever see the movie “Trading Places”? I’m guessing you have. It was a classic comedy from back in 1983. (If you haven’t seen it, check it out some rainy Saturday afternoon.)

Without getting into too much detail, the premise of the movie revolves around two wealthy investors who make a one dollar bet which alters the lives of Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd forever…in a good way.

Cue the hijinks...

Now, over time there have been about a gazzilion bets made using a similar one dollar prize, and that movie was just one good take on it. 
In each case, the folks making the bet have a much bigger point to prove. And going through the motions of betting a single dollar just makes it ‘official’ without really risking anything.

I would like you to have your own “one dollar bet” story…

Here’s how it would work.

I’m going stick with my movie and TV theme for a minute…bear with me.
Whenever I’m sitting around watching ads on TV or even in a magazine, I can’t help but notice the fitness ads (just a hazard of my profession I suppose). 
The thing is I know EXACTLY how much work goes into looking like those models do. It’s incredible. The hours and hours of training, strict dieting and discipline is pretty daunting – even for someone like me who does this for a living!

I also know full well that it is NOT realistic.

Those models don’t live like the rest of us. They HAVE to look that way and their schedules reflect it.
For those of us in the “real world” simply feeling better, moving better and having more energy are more in line with our goals. And yes, losing some weight along the way is definitely part of the plan.

But, you don’t have a couple of hours every day to put into that like those fitness models.

Heck, you may not even be able to get to the gym…and if you can, it never seems to be consistent. It can be SO frustrating.
You end up trying the latest ‘fad diet’. It fails. You might even try some workout you saw somewhere, and that didn’t work.

You just don’t know where to start…and the result?

Your health ends up on the back burner because life just gets in the way.

Am I right?

On the other end of the scale, those ‘big box gyms’ have decided that your health is worth about $10 per month. No more. You rent their equipment for a while, and you just keep the membership because – hey, it’s only $10.00.

For that money, you get no guidance, no programs and no success.

We get it…we see people in your position all the time!

We knew there had to be a middle ground somewhere. So…
My staff and I put our heads together and designed a solution giving you all the tools the fitness models use, but still keeping it affordable. And all the while, respecting your valuable time.
And, I have to say, we are pretty darned pleased with how it came out.
We Call it "ITS Online"
Here is what you get:
  • Quick 10 minute workouts with video previews
  • Longer “at home” workouts with videos as well
  • Gym workouts for those times you can actually get to the gym – also with video previews
  • “Challenge Workouts” for those days you’re looking for that little something more
  • Recipes to help keep you on track
  • Nutritional Guidance (probably THE most important piece of the puzzle!)
  • Mobility and Flexibility workouts (so you actually CAN feel better and move better!)
  • Our complete Video Library 
Pretty incredible stuff, but even this simple solution needs something more.  

And here it is:
We have created an on-line community so folks like you can communicate and get support and ideas from other area women who are facing the same challenges and want the same results…just like you!
We provide 4 Certified Coaches to support you as well.  

We will be there every step of the way, and the program even has UNLIMITED email support.  

Over time, our physical location "Intensity Training Systems"  has gained a reputation for transforming people’s lives and well-being using short “targeted” workouts monitored by the highest quality coaches in the industry. 
Now we are bringing that service right to you, AND we’re staying with you through the entire process.

So what does any of this have to do with that one dollar bet I mentioned?
Well, that’s what we decided to charge you for a taste of this incredible service.  Yup, $1.00.

We are so convinced you will love what ITS Online is all about, we don’t want cost to get in the way of you trying us out.
Take advantage of our workouts, nutrition program, the videos, the community and support systems – all of it – for a full month. If you don’t think it’s for you. No problem. No obligation.

We can simply part ways.

However, if you love it like we think you will, you can stick with us until you reach your goal for only $29/month. 
(FYI, a personal trainer giving you all this would run anywhere from $700 per month on up…)

And for those of you who may not be familiar with us, I wanted to let a couple of our clients ‘toot our horn’ for us…

Here you go…

Finally, if there is any possible doubt remaining, even your $29 per month is safe!

If you don’t believe we over-delivered with ITS Online…if you spend a couple of months with us and don’t think the program is all we say it is, we don’t want your money.

We will refund your payments with our 100% guarantee.

(I dare you to find that promise from any facility or any ‘big box gym’!!)

Like I said, a one dollar bet is no real risk, is it?
We truly look forward to helping you reach your goals, and want you to feel secure while doing it.

Just fill in the form below and you get instant access!  
See you on-line! Your Friend and Coach, 

Levi Memmer
P.S. Risk $1.00 on yourself. We will take that bet… 

After the first month, you’ll pay only $29 per month to continue on with us and that money is 100% guaranteed.
Just complete this form to get started right away. 
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